Monday, February 06, 2006

A treat after a long time

Yesterday we went for a dinner treat after a really long time :-) The host was Yams and the occasion was her birthday (It was in December but the treat had been postponed till I came back to Hyderabad :->) We decided to go to Ohri's midnight biriyani as Angeethi was ruled out [:-(] as Yams and Ayesha had gone there just the day before and Deeptha was dead against Angeethi...We reached there at 10.30 to find that the midnight biriyani started only at 11.30 on all days other than Friday and Saturday...We definitely couldn't wait for an hour...most of us had skipped lunch due to the treat :-D So we went to Ohri's Tadka. Right from the time Yamini told she was giving a treat I was telling I wanted to eat biriyani...and so I didnt take much time to order. My biggest disappointment was when the biriyani came :-( It was just white rice with vegetables here and there as if they had fallen in by mistake...I decided to compensate for this in the dessert. So we headed to Havmor below after dinner to get the "Toblerone" shake....I really enjoyed it inspite of Harini's taunting about the amount of calories it had :-D..after all I had lost some calories after my trip and I had to compensate for them..:-)It was a wonderful time we had especially all of us together after a long time...

BTW, an interesting series of posts that I came across...really good :-D