Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer in Seattle

TSad that I'm posting this after the summer :) Yeah...summer seems to be gone and Seattle is back with its fresh and contiuous showers! I'm actually loving this too!
I'm happy I enjoyed the summer while it lasted. Camping at Orcas island, Kayaking and picnicing at Lake Kachess, whale watching from a cruise at Anacortes, Zip trekking in Whistler, the sea-fair at Seattle, walking around the waterfront in Vancouver - to name a few.
And yeah, I did attempt my first freeway driving while with Yams. My hands were so wet at the end of it and my legs were shaking....but the good part is I've got rid of a part of the inhibition now. Mukund says the car was trembling due to my shivering hands on the steering :)
To top it all and as an icing to the cake was the Rahman show at Vancouver last week. It's just made the Rahman fan in me more stronger. The man is a genius, his rendition of "Khwaja jee" is still ringing in my ears. With Yams and Harini around, it was like reliving our good old days.....have never enjoyed so much for a long time. :)
Yesterday, I added another new experience to my file - Biking. I biked on the Sammamish river trail with Kat, Chris, Dasha and Yams. It was a beautiful ride and I was feeling fresh and rejuvenated at the end of it. The pain made me toss and turn around in the night, but I was feeling so contented and peaceful!
Last but not the least, things would never have been the same if not for my friends...I take it for granted sometimes but it does take a philosophical moment to realise that I'm lucky to have such great friends, whom I can ask for help without feeling bad about it! Things wouldn't have been this interesting without them!
Thanks a lot guys!