Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Back after a long hiatus...

Great to be back to the wonderful world of blogging. Hope not to take such long vacations in the future.
Lets see...Anyway, the last few months have been life-changing for me. Well...I entered into matrimony and saw two cities in three months. And finally am back to Hyderabad.

These two months in Bangalore were really good and so different from what I have lived till now. Waking up at 7 (which is really early for my standards),travelling for about an hour to office, that too amidst thiccck traffic and last but not the least , the pleasant-dull-cool (whatever you may call it) weather. It used to be impossible to make up my mind to get out of the cosy quilt, and if I succeeded then it would be another ordeal to bring myself to push off to work.

Apart from these, there were innumerable things that I enjoyed in Bangalore - the 'pani puri' from the boy on the roadside in Jayanagar, Lassi from Cool joint, window shopping at the forum, actual shopping in the small fancy stores, tamil movies in PVR, italian food at fiorano and the most important of all - spending time with my new found best pal for life ;)

After two long months, when I came to Hyderabad, I was kind of worried how its going to be. But the amazing team I have in office here just made sure I didnt feel as if I've been away for two months. So settling back to work in Hyd...and ya do expect some more posts coming...and if time permits some audio posts too :)