Sunday, August 29, 2010

My swimming lessons

....This Friday I completed 3 laps in the 25 yards pool without stopping in the middle. Felt like a kid taking its first step, quite a milestone for me, as I have been scared of water ever since I drowned in the pool as a kid! :)

Its the usual weekend but...

...there's something special. Mukund and I completed four years in each other's company! It has been an adventurous and fun-filled journey for us, that started in Bangalore and has landed us in Redmond now. Mukund has been reading my posts for a while now and he was a bit disappointed that I never wrote about him :D I couldn't find a better time to write about him.
I've been through quite a few transformations ever since I met Mukund. I've gotten over my complaining, pessimistic attitude for the most part and have started looking at the brighter side of things. I've probably stopped crying when I feel upset and more so started attacking the person who upset me! All due to Mukund's influence...he's the most cool headed person I've ever met and am thankful that I met him! And looking forward to more adventure in the future years and of course life lessons!

Happy anniversary!