Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wallpaper philosophies

Came across some "philosophical" wallpapers from Some of them here...

If you are a vegetarian just to be nice to animals, why are you eating their food?

Good things may come to those who wait, but all the really excellent stuff will be gone by then

Don't be irreplaceable, if you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted

If you think your boss is stupid, remember you wouldn't have a job if he was any smarter

The sooner you fall behind the more time you will have to catch up

And, my favourite :-)

When women go wrong, men go right after them

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Partha Mudhal.....

Had a hectic day at office and just thought of listening to some music. "Vettaiyaadu vilayaadu" caught my eyes on Raaga's front page. Though I had heard from some of my friends about the songs that was the first time I was seeing the songs on Raaga. I just ran through the singers and Bombay Jayashree's song got my full attention. Expectations raised especially because it was a Harris Jayaraj - Bombay Jayashree venture. I enjoyed the song very much. Jayashree's husky voice is just awesome! Couldn't stop from repeating it over and over again. However this song seems slightly different from her previous hits - Vaseegara and Ondra Renda. It has a comparitively faster beat and not as romantic as them :-) Also it seemed a little bit like a rhyme.
Vaseegara is the still the "most romantic" song I've ever heard.

PS: These are just my opinions on the song. I know that my taste is almost 360 degrees different from many :-D

Friday, March 10, 2006

Subtle mystery in Narnia??

The last week was really good. First of all, I had a training for three days and so did not have to do much work :-D. And then, the training was truly interesting and I didnt fall asleep(surprisingly!) As one of my friends said "It was right from the horse's mouth". It was a Windows Internals training by David Solomon....I was reminded very much of the architecture classes by Shantha mam and RP mam at college :-) although all other details of the subject are vague :-p
Another reason for my spirits remaining high was the extremely pleasant weather at Hyderabad (That too in March!?!).It is now about 2 years since I've been in Hyderabad and I already have so many things about it to cherish. I love the city as I somehow feel it sways according to my mood - calm when I want it to be and bubbly when I'm so.
So just two days in the week and it went away in the bat of a eyelid. Thanks to Yamini we decided to go to "Chronicles of Narnia" on Sunday. On Sunday, we left to PVR for the movie at about three. We were late and so couldnt get the "Panju mittai" :-( The movie was good and really above my expectations. It had slight resemblances to Harry potter right from the first scene where the kids depart in a train through the valleys and hills. However, there was one subtle thing in the movie which I don't know if it really was! In the scenes where the fawn (or whatever!) and Lucy(the little girl) appear, there were hints of romantic sparks between the two :-D The look in the eyes of the fawn was unmistakable.(Or maybe it is a god-given gift :-D) Anyways, I enjoyed the movie thoroughly.
After the movie, we went to the "Ohri's Metro" - the train restaurant that features in 'E-20 U-18'. We decided to order something differently and decided to have starters as the main dish and the main course just as starters. I ordered a mocktail which I swear will never even touch again :-(( We took some snaps in the restaurant and then came home. We then remembered we had "Madagascar" waiting at home for us. Another nice movie for that weekend!

At the "Ohri's Metro"

Shika and Yams posing while the great photographer is in action :-)

Just outside the train....Me and Yams

BTW, meet my virtual pet 'Leo' :-) Saw this in someone's blog and liked it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Ham teacher-student khelenge...

Its been about a month since I wrote a post. So here goes one....

I've been trying to write about something for long but just didnt get the time for it. Today, even though being a sunday, I came to office as I had some pending work to complete. As usual, didnt get to work much...Was chatting with my juniors in hostel catching up on college gossips, reading blogs from near and far and so on.

I finished all this and just started to work when my colleague Puja came to office with her kid, Abhika. She's such an adorable kid...but really shy and doesnt talk much.
But surprisingly she came to my desk today and started talking to me...I couldn't make out most of what she was telling :-D but really enjoyed it. She then arranged all the dolls from my cubicle and other nearby cubicles under my table. She too went and sat under the table and beckoned to me "Ham teacher-student khelenge..".I joined her :-D
We then played teacher-student and she was telling me stories like her teacher. I forgot all my work,worries and started playing...It was such a good stress reliever...She then taught me the steps for 'Kajra Re'..It was really great to learn from her :-)We then made drawings of 'monkeys' on the whiteboards...Everyone in our row is going to have a shock on Monday. There'll be a monkey on everybody's whiteboard, courtesy me and Abhika :-D
I realised it was a long time since I enjoyed myself. :-D