Sunday, July 01, 2007

Orkut fortune...

I've been following the orkut fortune quite closely for sometime and surprisingly I find it right a lot of times!! (though it is even fundamentally wrong many times)

Today's fortune says:

Your winsome smile will be your sure protection

Though it sounds good, I'm now wondering how a smile can protect you...Hmm...

Again after a long break...

...How much ever I try, I just cannot put my thinking to action when I want to pen down some thoughts in my blog. Maybe its the tight schedule that I have or maybe its the inherent laziness in me. Whatever, I finally vowed to myself that I would post atleast one post every week from now on. I hope I'll keep up my promise to myself!
Yesterday, we had the 'Spice nite' at the Indian School of Business.[That's where my husband's studying now). It was organised by the "Student's Family Association", mainly the spouses. It is the husbands who are studying management, however the spouses just rocked in the way they organized the function.
I performed a bharatnatyam piece to the song "Thaaye Yashoda" in Thodi raga. Wonderful song it was in Sudha Raghunathan's beautiful voice! My legs ached terribly during the practise sessions, but it was the song that kept me going. I simply loved the song as it gave me ample room for expressions and "bhavas". However, I realised that I needed regular practise...maybe it will help me shed those extra kilos too :) Should definitely think about it!!
And today we had the foreign language classes starting here. After my brief stint with Japanese, I tried to experiment on something with an easy script. And I chose Spanish among them. I enjoyed the first class, learnt a few words too... However, grammatically nothing seems to be as easy as Japanese - no plural, no gender, no future tense!! Though it makes up for the complexity in its script.
So thats it for this week. Hope to post something during the week if I get some time out of my work!!
Hasta pronto.....
[I learnt this today!!! 'See you soon' in Spanish]