Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rahman reuse!

It was a pleasant sunday morning. And I was working while listening to songs on Raaga. I heard this song from 'Yuvraaj' in the new Rahmana CD that I got this time - 'Zindagi zindagi kya kami rah gayi...'. It's a slow and melodious song in the mesmerising voice of Srinivas. I've been listening to this for a lot of times this week and was all the while finding a small bit of music very familiar, reminding me of some other song. Today I reliased which song it was and I couldn't stop admiring the genius Rahman is! I've known and heard from friends before about how he reuses bits of his music in different songs. In the bit that comes in this song, (around 1 minute 45 seconds down the start of the song), I found a stark resemblance to 'En uyir thozhiye' from 'Kangalal kaidhu sei' (Around 3 minutes from start). The tune is very similar with a slightly slower beat.
Anyway, I love both these songs! :)


Rush said...

seriously, when he does that, it leaves me loving the song, at the same time racking my brains like crazy to figure out what the other, more familiar song was! beera reminds me of some song too, but i still haven't figured out which!

Untitled said...

yeah he does that often...some observation though!!